We are seeking a Pianist

Position Description:

The Pianist is responsible for providing piano music for all worship and special services held by St. Peter’s Church of Coupland, to include Christmas and Easter services.

The Pianist works directly with the pastor in choosing music appropriate to the liturgical seasons of the year and liturgy of the service.  Resources that will be used will reflect the broad range of music in the United Church of Christ, to include the New Century Hymnal, current worship resources provided by the pastor as well as the worship and praise songbook, and Hymns for the Family of God (the current hymnal in the pews). A variety of music styles is desired to include traditional, contemporary, and praise music.

The Pianist is responsible for notifying the pastor or other appropriate persons in the event they cannot fulfill any scheduled obligation.



The Candidate for Pianist shall:

Exhibit proficiency on the piano to the Selection Committee in a rehearsal setting in the church at an agreed upon time.

Provide a complete resume of education and work experience.  References to be provided as requested. You can email your resume to stpeterscoupland@gmail.com

Submit information for and pass a complete background check.  This is required of all staff positions at St. Peter’s Church of Coupland.

Ability to play and sight read traditional, contemporary, and praise music on a Kawai Concert Performer CP205 electronic baby grand piano.



The Pianist shall be paid at the rate of $90 per performance.

It is understood that mileage may be negotiated.

Weekends off may be negotiated with the appropriate amount of lead time given.